Blogging SL

Bye Bye For Now.

FINALLY, Faith can breathe a sigh of relief because since Xmas all she has heard from me almost daily is insane spamming about my latest planned “weekender” and now it’s finally here(OK it doesn’t officially start till 5am which is when I have to get up).

I’m off to sunny(HA HA) Scarborough for the weekend and guess what?  I’m going with my BFF which is MEEEEE, yes I am going on my own and I’m going to love it.  Just me and my Kindle (knickers, toothbrush etc) and I’m going to do bugger all except walk for miles, stare at the sea, eat fish and chips, ice cream and buy lots of nasty trinkets and all the time not think about work, cats, friend and yes even my OH!(He’s a grown assed man he can look after himself and the cats lol).

We spend so much time being so many things to other people we forget to be ourselves and even if you cannot afford the luxury of a full weekend think about taking an afternoon or even just an hour to sit and do something just for you which is going to make you feel just that little bit better, less stressed etc.

Until then take care of yourselves and Faith will still be here kicking ass and cleaning up my pose balls.