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More than you can see!(Free ‘n’ non free).

Trust me I know I’m lucky to get my Mina hair for free.

But I don’t actually go and get all of the new releases and because I have so much leeway I can pick and choose and I chose this hair LOL.

Let me just say the hair is not purple it just looks like it because I screwed up with the lights in this picture, lol! It’s one of the classic brown shades but you can have purple if you want or pink or orange or blue n pink etc all depends on which colour pack you buy lol.  Anyhow, as soon as I saw this one with that high plait it was “oooo” and sadly I do actually say that out loud in RL when I put on a super pair of shoes, dress or in this case hair.

I know very little about this hair but since you must try the demo on for yourself before you decide if it suits you I will as always give you the LM to her, Mina Nakamura’s main shop and you can try it out before you TP to the event that is where you can buy the hair from  AND don’t forget there are 2 FREE Mina hairs so scroll back a couple of posts to my “Kawaii Freeness” one to get the details for those.

PS.  This hair comes with an “option” which is with or without the fringe (or bangs) but I won’t lie and my AV does not suit a fringeless look but it’s nice to have that option because sometimes when wearing a headpiece, tiara, flowers etc the non fringe option can be a bonus for me.

Now for FREEEEEBIES and these too made me go “oooo” because they’re damned fine ones at that.  They come in so many fits as well as a 5 textured hud.  Love these floral ones and although you can’t really see the shade in the top picture is dark brown.

Don’t STOP reading as there is much more freeness than what I am showing you.  These boots and 2 other items, both come with massive colour huds, are new GG’s at Hilly Haalans but if you turn around there is a little stand-alone building which is stuffed with the old GG’s, the top/dress I’m wearing is one of the old ones.  If it wasn’t for the fact I have a groaning invent I would have clicked and grabbed so much more so if you’ve not visited Hilly’s before then a great way to stock up and if you have then a great way to get new Gifts.

Hilly Haalan

Mina Main Shop

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Time to kill.(Freebies).

It’s my dream to be this slim with great hair, teeth, and nails in RL but the best I can manage is not having a resting Bitchface.


The top is a Freebie from Loki and the jeans and shoes from Nala Designs.

The Nala Design group isn’t free, only 50Lds and when you check out the GG’s for that group you can see if it’s worth the joining fee for you.   BUT for the freebies you will have to have a wander around the shop, don’t worry it’s not a massive shop because the different freebies for different free groups are dotted around on the walls.  Easy to find because below or above the freebie is the group joining sign and if I’ve shown you these before then I’m sorry (not sorry lol) but the jeans are pretty handy and they weren’t in my invent and I’m pretty sure I would have kept them if I had picked them up before.

The picture doesn’t show the top off to it’s best but esp at the back it has the wrinkles/creases which give SL clothes a realistic look. This top is only 1 of 4 gifts in the Loki shop AND it is also doing an Easter Hunt and before I logged out I left my AV there so I can check not just the hunt item but the whole sim.  There is a lot of interesting shops on this sim and I can see lots of other people are on the sim as well so it looks like a lot of the shops are also involved in the hunt.  There is a handy TP system just outside the Loki shop which means you can TP to the shops as it’s one of those sims where each shop is on its own little plot of land with water in between.

So I can’t think of a nicer way to waste a rainy RL day lol.

Nalah Designs (Jeans and Shoes and other Stuff).


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A good start.(Hunt).

Here is yet another really good looking hunt called “A Dozen Good Eggs” almost best of all this is a smaller hunt, only 13 shops so it’s a lovely sized hunt but every shop has 6 hidden eggs so each shop is going to be giving you oodles of goodies.

Some well-known shop names on the list as well inc Noctis which was the first shop I TPed to as I LOVE Noctis stuff.  Noctis sells very heavy Victoriana furniture and decor items.  Anyhow, I not only managed to find 3 of the hidden 6 eggs but I also picked up the new Free to join group gift.  The baskets are the group gift and you get them in singles, pairs or all linked and even all of them linked they’re just 2 prims.  Large and very rustic “Market Baskets” for your home.

This is what the eggs contain.

Each egg seems to contain the same glass jar but different colours and there are 2 types, one with and one without the butterfly.  Only 2 prims each.

Slap the poster to get the Hud which TP’s your AV ass around the different shops.

PS.  Don’t let the fact I’m just showing you a couple of decor items because the shops in this hunt are varied so I’m sure there will be clothes, jewels etc just waiting for our sweaty palms to grab them.

A Dozen Good Eggs.  Starting point but you can slap any poster in any shop to get the hud.

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Check this out.

Not sure how I ended here at the entrance to the”Re:Japonica” event but it just gets better as you walk through the tunnel so check this out.

Woah again.  Taken just in the sim setting and no camera tricks this is a feast for the eyes.  So I quickly snapped a couple of pictures and then checked Seraphim to see if there is any info and of course there is.  So I will put the link to the Seraphim blog.

Freebies? I’m not sure because the one thing I’ve noticed with Seraphim is that they don’t dwell on any freebies but I can’t imagine a more pleasant way to spend a lazy sunday than just meanering around and of course the icing on the cake will be if there is freeness for us.

Seraphim (you can see whats for sale)


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Kawaii Freeness.

Not just 1 FREE MINA but 2 FREE MINA’s, however, you do have to hunt them down, don’t let that put you off reading the rest of my babble as there are non hunt freebies as well.

This is the hair Mina has out for us in the “Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt”.  You do only get the 1 shade, obviously, the one I’m wearing, but any Mina’s hair is so wearable and even as a hardened brunette I often wear the light browns or blondes…but it’s the reds that really rock my SL boat.

This looks like yet another AMAZING HUNT!  I’ve hardly been able to scratch the surface of the St Patricks day hunt and now there isn’t just this new one to add to my “must do” list but Madpea also has a fun hunt going on! I need to work in SL full time and RL only part-time, sadly SL don’t pay no bills LOL.

Don’t worry though if you’re a useless hunter like me because the top I’m wearing doesn’t need any hunting skills as it’s the newest GG from the Well Made shop and is right there in the entrance of the shop, you will also see there are other older GG’s on a shelf to your right, some of which I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you before.  Lots of sizes, inc non-mesh body fits and although it comes with a hud it’s only for 2 colours but that’s nothing negative as it’s a lovely simple and very wearable off the shoulder top.

If you haven’t spotted it the skirt is the one from my previous post, 10Lds, and a 10 textured hud.  I’ve not had time to pop over to see if it’s still out but you never know you might be lucky and I think you can see how well it teams up with this top.

I didn’t really want to use this “look” to show you “Arwen” but I don’t know when I will get another opportunity to show this other FREE Hunt gift off Mina so here she is.

“Arwen” also comes with just this edgy black shade, which is why I didn’t want to team it up with a pretty/kawaii look.  It won’t surprise you to learn that I have the full colour pack of Arwen as it’s just such a good hair and frames your face so well.  Arwen is the St Patrick’s Day Hunt and since you have to go to the Group Gift section (HINT HINT) then when there check out the GG’s. It costs 200Lds there is enough hair to keep your noggin warm for years to come.  I’ve tried to whittle down my massive collection of Mina’s hairs, and PumeC skins, but they’re such good quality they stand the test of time and I have hair that is 5 years old which look as good as any new hair and because the GG’s are shop quality hair again for a little output you really have enough hair to cover your noggin for years to come.  Also, remember there is men’s hair as well and so many of Mina’s hair are unisex so grab em ALL no one will judge you lol.

Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt LM


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You might want to RUSH!(10Ld Giftie, Bargains and I think Freebies).

Sorry, I’ve been a RL Busy Bee but it was nice to get inworld and even nicer when this specially discounted skirt was the first thing I snagged.

You get a really good 10 colour hud, 5 shades and 5 patterns.

The reason you have to be quick is that the event this gift is available at is called E/M Events and opens it’s doors on the 1st of the month and then shuts it’s doors on the 15th of the month and it’s the 22nd of the month sooooooo I’m not sure if the few stalls that are there are ones that haven’t been packed up from the past event or have been set out for the next event so the long and short of it is if you like this skirt then TP now as it might not be there soon.

This cost 10Ld and I’m pretty sure that on the Pandora stall where I found it was another 10Ld gift and since the skirt turned out to be a winner I’m going back for that.  I do believe there are freebies because you will see circles with boxes in them and I think those are special gifts for different and free groups but I didn’t really linger to test that theory out, so check them out for yourself.

PS.  Not only my size and probably your size but there is even a “Werwolf & Fox” sizing!

UPDATE.  So I got the top which if you have a spare 10Lds I would suggest you get it. A simple band across your boobs, with off the shoulder straps, lacing and a 10 colour hud.  Although it can be worn to match the skirt I think it would look best with a bikini bottom or shorts.

E/M Event (

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$10L complete outfit $25L bracelets today only

Couple of things I wanted to share before the day is over. Tentacion has a super outfit on offer for just $10L ! Floaty dreamy little dress in ice cream colours with matching shoes – standard mesh fits and slink for the shoes – love it! You’ll find this behind the front desk along with some other free gifts and discounted pieces – worth a trip for sure.

Also my fav jewellery store is in todays $25L Tuesday yippeee! Noir have the Avril bracelets for today only – great colour change Hud that gives you some fabbo colours for almost every piece – Kerching bought!