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50% off at Perfect 10

One of my favourite things about Spring – are Hyacinths. They smell beautiful, they look pretty and they come in SO many colours! I can’t resist them at all. When I saw this release from HJM Designs I knew I would find a place for it in my home! Check out the teeny little bee – touch him and his wings flap – so adorable. At just 4Li it wont break the prim bank either. If you buy this at the current round of Perfect 10 – its 50% discount – $50L ! Now can anyone tell me why my hyacinths all go bendy? They tend to flop about and I have to stabilise them with a short bit of bamboo pole – answers on a postcard please lol

Perfect 10

3 thoughts on “50% off at Perfect 10”

  1. No idea about the bendy hyacinths unless we’ve altered them so much from the original, it’s our fault the commercial plants are now all top heavy. You certainly don’t find wild hyacinths (those little grape ones) doing a wobbly!


    1. I think you’re right about us having altered them – the stems on the ones I’ve bought in the past just don’t seem thick or strong enough to hold the flower head. I bought three from Waitrose this year – bit more expensive but lets see how they work out !


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