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I’m Upcycling – All for free !

I might be the very last person in Second Life to know about this store ^Upcylced^ – but whatever, its exciting ! I was browsing the market place (as you do!) and came across a small item of decor I liked – went to the store and BOOM what a surprise ! Karra Baker makes things, pretty and beautiful things – for free. Yep, everything is free and you know what? In some items there is an added bonus of a transferable version to give away or to your alt. Sooo I mooched the store inworld and spent a happy half an hour trying out things and gawping in general. There are a few bits n bobs of clothing but mostly just glorious decor pieces – really really lovely pieces! The rug and everything on it are all free, lovely poses for single pringles and couples – and its all very low Li. I joined the free group – but you don’t have too – I just wanted to keep up to date.

Have fun & thanks Karra ❤


All clothing by Neve 

6 thoughts on “I’m Upcycling – All for free !”

  1. I’m at her store now looking around, a lot of really nice cute stuff here. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing <3. Karra is generous to be giving all these things away for free.


    1. Thanks for reading Astra ! Kaara sure is generous – used to find little gems like this back on 2007, kindhearted people just helping everyone out – its unusual these days for sure. Love your blog – specially the inventory post – can I hire you to sort mine out lol


      1. lol thanks! Yeah, those inventories sure can pile up and get messy real fast! I started working on mine again but it got so tedious I had to stop and take a break. Right now its back to stuffing items in a box and sort later method for me. 😛


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    Just a quick post because this too good not to share! Everything in this store is so cute and free. You can even set home to here if you don’t have one. Karra is so generous to be giving all these stuff away for free and giving free use of her place to the public.


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