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It’s a Yurt.(Freebie ‘n’ other stuff),

Today is the first time I’ve been able to work my way through the 25Ld Tue list in so long so it was lovely to see a few of my fav shops have a special offer out and as I was working my way through the list I came across a shop name I didn’t recognise and it looks like it’s new to SL as well as me because the gift set out for anyone to grab is titles “Grand Opening Gift” and it’s this Yurt.

When I first rezzed it I was a bit emm nope but then I zoomed in and though actually not too bad at all! 

Nice texturing and details and when you open the door it’s a bit like the Tardis in that inside seems an awful lot bigger than you think from the outside.

Enough space to do cartwheels.

I just snagged and ran but when I get back inworld I’m going to be checking out what looks like a pretty big sim wide shop I can’t wait to see what else is there.

You don’t have to go hunting for either this gift or the 25Ld offer (not telling you what that is but it’s a wearable) as they’re both just in the small gazebo type building at the LM.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Yurt.(Freebie ‘n’ other stuff),”

    1. Thank you for giving me this update, I did return and managed to have a quick look around and actually spotted the Yurt at it’s full price so giving it as a gift was a pretty generous plus, of course, the lovely 25Ld headband(?). I will admit I didn’t manage to spend as much time as I would have liked looking around as again so I will be returning probably tomorrow. PS, Of course, I recognise the brand name of Anachron.


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