Blogging SL

It’s over!

Christmas that is lol.

OH Lord, I am beyond stuffed!

Sorry about not doing a proper Happy Christmas post but all was calm and then chaos descended into my life BUT it was good chaos.  So I had to log off SL for a couple of days and just go with the flow.

I’ve mentioned it briefly in a recent post that even if you’re on your own remember to be nice to yourself.  We think of Christmas as being “family time” but not everyone had a family or even if they do it not a family they get on with.  I know that I have posted this youtube video many a time but to me, it’s so true and poignant and even though I have enough family/Husband and friends to keep me happy I too have been alone and if I had seen this at that time it would have made me a much more contented person.

If listening to what she says doesn’t make you feel better then it is a new year soon and a new start for all and only we can assess what is good about our lives and also what needs to be changed.

Anyhow for me, I think that maybe it will be a struggle to get inworld tomorrow but I would like to if I can but I can assure you that the craziness that is Christmas will be over in a couple of days for me and the calm, boring, normal day to day stuff will return.  Till then stay strong.