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Lucky me but NOT Free GG’s.

I had a really nice surprise because I was actually going to join this PAID FOR group just to grab these group gifts only to find when I tried to join I was already in that group, woohoo.  I think I remember joining when for a limited time the group was free but now it’s gone back up to 100Lds and even though it turned out I was already a member for what I scored I was actually going to join just for these are the tops.

I just slapped em all down, you get 4 little uns and 4 big uns and those Pumpkins as well.  The larger ones are 5 prims and I think the smaller ones are 2 prims and of course the Pumpkins are just a prim each.

An excellent mix of branches, bare and lit.

I spotted this one which you can’t really make out in the first picture as it’s out of the frame but it shows off the detailing to perfection.  Because this is a paid for group I’ve just used my Nams setting but they look amazing in all lights and this quality and the prim count will last for many Christmases to come.

Because I didn’t linger in the FB (Fashionably Dead) shop I’m only going by memory but FB is a fashion shop so the Christmas trees are probably just a one-off for Christmas but this top, however, is a prime example of the clothes you find here.  It’s just a cropped vest but with all that natural detailing which makes it look so real, the creases, hemp line and yes the nips as well.  This comes with a colour Hud, 5 shades in total but all in the same palette ie white, grey, greyer, greyest and black LOL.  There is another GG which I remember is what I blogged previously at the same time the group was free so I will leave that as a surprise for you but the design/styling of it is pretty well known and it also comes with a Texture Hud.  All 2 group gifts are on the table at the entrance.

Lots of the groups I am a member of are ones I’ve actually paid to join and chances are you too have joined a few but because I get sooooo manyyyy notices I probably miss out when new Group Gift have been set out.  So check your groups and even if there isn’t a notice in there about a Christmas gift still think of popping over to the shop to see if there is a Group Gift you’ve not been told of.

OH Drat! I logged out before making a note of the sizes but again from memory all standard mesh body fits but I’m sure you will see on the pictures in the shop what they are.

FB(Fashionably Dead)