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OH FFS! (Hunt&Freebies).

ARGH! Thanks to the heads up from one of our readers I hauled my AV ass over to Apple Fall as there is a Hunt going on.  You very simply grab the Hud at the LM, wear it and go hunting for 10 golden apples and the Hud counts all the Apples you’ve found and once you have all 10 the button changes colour and you click it to receive your prize/prizes(?) but that’s all in the note in any case.

I took these pictures in the actual Apple Fall shop because as much as I LOVE the Apple Fall brand I hate the shop layout, to me, it’s not user-friendly and so to try to explain where they are would just complicate things and the LAG was a nightmare even though the sim was pretty quiet but because you can see where they’re placed then it will be easier for you to find them.

These coffee pots are all set for 0Lds and so is the orange coloured one on the autumnal themed dining table.  Before you move away from them check out the sofa next to the table as on the floor is a rather nice candlestick set also set to 0Lds.

This was the last gift I spotted before I decided to give up for the moment, this magnifying glass is on the table in the next room along from the coffee pot one.

So it looks like the WHOLE of SL seems to be having a sim restart, the Apple Fall sim sent out the warning then when I tried to TP home I found out our home is also restarting so I TPed over to a Sandbox and guess what, a RESTART and so by that time since I already had the Apple Fall LM I logged out of the madness that is SL at the moment.

PS I’m pretty sure these have been blogged before but they’re totally worth a reblog as not everyone will have been around at that time plus it means I can tell you about the Hunt going on.

Apple Fall

2 thoughts on “OH FFS! (Hunt&Freebies).”

  1. If I remember rightly, in the gacha room there is also a free gift of a stone gnome for the garden! The hunt ranges over both the store and the garden, so look everywhere 🙂

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    1. I know they/he seems to do that, sprinkle the little occasional freebie around in with the paid for stuff. Drives me MAD cos I have to click on everything LOL. Thanks though as I’m not sure if I do have that gnome.

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