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Failing badly.(Freebies).

I’m trying to find free clothes but failing badly, mainly because I keep on getting sidetracked cos I TORE down my old house and finally went crazy and rezzed my Apple Fall Hardwick Manor house and boy is that stunning and primtastic at the same time!  That also means I’m scrabbling around for the lowest primmed decor items I can find and these baubles hit the spot.

Just a simple unadorned box n baubles for just a prim.  I actually grabbed the other gifts, the “winosaurus” which is a wooden bottle holder in the shape of a dinosaur…I didn’t like it, and a simple rustic sideboard with a cloth draped over it which I did like but I wanted to just do a quick post so I slapped this one down and Voila and now I can go back to eating all of our sims prims.