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From one Nerd to another.(Freebie).

I was already rocking a “nerdy girl” look when the notice came through for what I think is another “nerdy girl” look.

My poor face looks just like I do in RL when I’m doing my accounts lol.  Just a simple one-piece dress with all the fits and a nice (6 or 8) textured Hud.  Plus, and yes I’ve just remembered, you get a wearable fun Turkey shaped bag with or without pose.

Special mention about the hair.  I’m soooo soooo lucky that I get my hair free but even luckier because there is NO pressure to promote it, Mina likes meee lol.  I put this brand new hair on, which I do believe was from the recent Hairology event, but I didn’t rock it!  So I didn’t blog it and then when putting this look together I just knew this hair was perfect.  My mistake was I didn’t check the “options” tab in the Hud and that sweet flick of hair across the cheek just ramped up the cute factor!  You only get the 2 options in this case, but of course, a massive colour palette, flick on or flick off and I say “flick on” for sure lol.  I popped over to Mina’s to see if this hair is now available in her mainshop and couldn’t spot it but if I just missed it or she hasn’t put it out yet I’m sure it will be soon.

UPDATE.  I just had to recheck and “Hannah” is available in the Mina’s mainshop and I’m looking at it right at this moment.  I also have to say that looking at the picture Mina has used for this hair I too wished I’d tried the 2 tone colour as it’s very rock chick…so from nerdy to rock chick in just a change of colour lol.  Obviously, try the demo for yourself.  You will find it with the new items on the wall to your right as you walk into the shop.  Standard pricing…..Debby Harry…thats it thats what this hair reminds me of.  I’ve been stood here looking at Mina’s picture and it’s been niggling me like mad as to what this hair reminds me of and it’s Debby Harry (you may need to google that name).

PS. There is also a Teleport Hub gift which I also grabbed but my invent ate it up and then I ran out of time to go back and get another copy.  Costs only 10Lds to join that group and you do get your money worth back in spades and in fact I’ve just spotted a stunning little decor item which I will be grabbing soon.

Sevyn East

Mina’s Mainshop