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I’m not here today.(Freebie(s)).

Gonna be playing nursey to a sick friend tomorrow/today so I thought I’d log in-world and just have a quick sniff around so in the morning before I head off with my bag of grapes and a full face mask as I don’t want to catch the lurgy, so I can have something all lined up and ready to click “publish.  I did not expect not just the very first place I’d visit but the very first stall I checked would have such an excellent FREEBIE!

Sleek and sexy, that laced up front goes so low it makes your eyes water!

Top and skirt are separates and you know what that means and add to all of that the shoes are also included…wow.  If you’re wondering yes so many fits in both the outfit and shoes there is a fit for everyone.

The event I got these from is the “The Grab Event” and I just walked in and turned to my right intending on just walking around the room checking everything but the very first stall, R&R Swag has this super gift for us on it.  You do have to join the free Grab Event group and the invite is sent to you as soon as you TP in.

PS I remember this event from my last visit and make sure to check the shops outside as well.

The Grab Event