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T*t’s & A**(Dollarbie).

WOW get yer hands on my booty!

Of course, I’ve heard of eBODY  but as everyone will know I wear a SLink body/hands/feet etc (but no mesh head as yet and I don’t even like the SLink one!).  I will confess and say that this super sexy curvacious shape is pretty darn close to my RL size, just with bigger boobs!  I adore my RL curves, I go to the gym and eat well and have embraced my RL curves but for a long time SL curves were just so bad and I’d thrown all my Lindens on the standard size  I just went with the flow but if this shape had been around then I would have loved it.

This Dollarbie from eBODY is only for the curvey size and you get the hands and feet, preattached, and a limited skin Hud.  You get the 3 feet options, flat, med and high.  I’m wearing one of the lighter skins but that’s just the body as my face colour is the PumeC skin I was wearing and it was a close enough fit to make me happy.   I don’t  have any clothes to fit this shape but the bra n panties come with it which saved my blushes.  OK lets be a bit cheeky, get a skinny assed body for the clothes and these curves for SL playtime..wink wink.

I wish more people did love the curvy, but very natural, shape and that would mean more and more clothes for that shape but sadly it’s still a smaller market compared to the slimmer versions.  Of course, e-body does other shapes but if they wanted to tempt you in the shop this is a brilliant way to do it because esp if you’ve never worn or owned a mesh body once you’ve gone mesh you never go back.

UPDATE cos I’m back in-world and of course, now the message has gone out about this great offer eBODY is a little bit BUSY!  I also read the note that came with this freebies and this is the interesting bit…

“eBODY CLASSIC: fully compatible with mesh clothes (fitted mesh and standard sizes), offering a beautiful body without having to renounce the clothes of your inventory.  eBODY CURVY: less compatible but more beauty and detailed, for the people love the curves like me.”

I don’t really know how much the full priced eBODY range costs but I’m pretty sure you will check it out when you get there.