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D.U.S.T & Lesson 101.(freebies n non freebies).

I know that to a lot of you the use of a pose room/cube/box/backdrop isn’t really of much interest but I like to encourage people to take piccies inworld and at the end I will tell you how you can click away and it not cost you any Lindens at all to save those pictures.

OK, so you will have seen my new pose room from D.U.S.T and most of the rooms cost 219Lds and thats a super bargain for such good looking and for me useful things.

This is it just rezzed and in my sim setting and isn’t it glorious.

Reangled just to show that it is a room and not a flat backdrop.  Anna Margeaux the owner/creator of D.U.S.T must be a photographer in SL because she has managed to create such camera friendly rooms.  You can zoom in and out and up and down and not have as many limits as you can with other props.

Again this isn’t a flat backdrop but a 3D room for you to walk in, I angled my camera from up in the corner so if I was to walk into this room you would be looking down on me.  It’s  very dark as it is but of course you will use face/body lights, windlight or if you use some sort of photo editing software then the fun is endless.

This freebie comes in 2 versions and I have shown you it before.  TBH I didn’t want to go back to the shop because there are other new rooms out and I’ve bought 2 this morning already and I know if I go back even if it is to check out what the freebies are I will buy yet another room LOL.

Now for the lesson and it’s a repeat as well on how to take and keep pictures for FREEEEE.

It’s actually very simple. I use Firestorm but the basics will be the same for most SL Viewers.  On mine when I open “snapshot” I get the Hud up and at the bottom is a tab labelled “selection” and if you open then it gives you a whole list of places you can save your picture to ie straight to Facebook, Twitter, your profile etc and “save to disc” is one of the options and this is FREE, in fact I do believe the only time you pay the 10Lds fee is when you save the picture to your invent.  When you’ve clicked the “save to disc” option your computer window opens and you just save it to where ever you want.  I obviously pop them into a folder in my pictures folder.

All of this means you can click like mad and then pick and chose the best pictures, there are also lots of free editing software available and you can edit your picture and if you want to use it in SL then it will cost you the 10Lds to load it into your invent but that’s nothing and this is a way for you to finally fill all of those picture frames you have with really nice photos.  Or of course, make some Christmas cards or OK let’s face it make some rude piccies for a loved one.

If you want to keep your pictures but also want they like your SL be private you could of course also open a Flickr account. Flickr is free and all you need is a Yahoo email account, as I believe Flickr is owned by Yahoo.  Once you’ve got your email account just open a Flickr account and start to upload your pictures to there.  You are limited to how many you can upload but from memory, it’s a pretty generous amount.

If you don’t want to do any of that still check Flickr out as there are so many Second Life groups, lots of them cater to certain styles, looks ie groups for hair, groups for decor, groups for you to post your stunning SL pictures to and of course groups for FREEBIES!