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Sigh of relief as now this event, The Boho Culture Fair, has not only calmed down but there are now 7 days left to wander around and check it out.  I only did a quick pop in to see how laggy it was or wasn’t but snagged 2 items almost straight away.

This tent comes in 2 versions this one with the windows, and can you see that you can actually see through the windows? and a version without the windows.  This is a Free Dove gift and you will find this on one of the boards right at the landing spot and there are other gifts as we. So before you even start to check out all the stalls check out the boards, you will see what I mean when you get there.

Because I knew what I was looking for, the MOoH! stall and it’s pretty close to the LM I just went straight to that and this gift is waiting right there for you to BUY for 0Lds so you don’t even have to join the group.

Both the tent n top do have a slightly “painted on” look to them but the tent has some great details such as the frame showing and low primmed as well and this top comes in so many fits and a nice little colour Hud which makes it so wearable.

A great start and it looks such a lovely and well landscaped and pretty event and I hope to get back to it but I have other plans for today.  I want to spend some time to find a brill free or cheap **** and I’m not going to say what it is I’m looking for in case I don’t find it but I have high hopes, and my fingers crossed, that when I see you later I will have a nice treat to show you.

The Boho Culture Fair

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