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Old Bag!(Freebie).

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to use “old bag” in my title lol.  As you will all know I don’t do many bags, jewelry etc and it’s not because there aren’t some amazing designers out there but I just don’t have the time to showcase or even wear these sorts of accessories but check this out.

It’s a butt ugly old bag from Coco Designs and we all know Coco Designs really well because everyone at some stage will have not only grabbed the Group gifts but also still have them because the quality has lasted.  This bag is one of the two new gifts but since I’d already changed into my outfit I didn’t want to change out of it and so the other new GG will be a nice surprise for you but of course as always there is a wall of old and not so old Group Gifts inc some Halloween themed goodies if you need a last minute outfit.

A nice touch is that you get 3 fits inc SLink so this bag is a nice snug fit.

Coco Design If you TP over and are facepalming a wall don’t panic you’re just in the Discount area, just walk outside and into next door.