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The cats whiskers.(Freebie).UPDATED!

What do you do when it’s cold, wet and dark outside?  Me I put on my slouchy clothes, turn the fire up, work on a craft, read a book, watch TV and if I’m lucky one of my cats will just cuddle with me.

I NEED these pants in RL! So crunchy and munchy and although it looks like they’re just glasses they’re not they’re little cat noses and whiskers wearing glasses.  They put my RL saggy baggies to shame.

A very nice gift from LURK, I will confess I TPed over in not a lot of clothing and since someone was already there I quickly grabbed these and a demo of a top and TPed out…thank goodness for lag making us all look broken and naked when rezzing LOL.  Anyhow, I’ve added it to my list of places to revisit as well as the place I got this bed and that sweater from. It’s nice when bargains and or freebies are so good you keep them and they act as reminders for you to visit.

PS. Sooooo many sizes so a fit for all.


One of the things I do in a vain attempt to reduce my Invent is when I’m sorting out the stuff I’m going to keep I delete all the sizes that don’t fit me.  So basically I’m stood on my platform trying this and that, binning that and this and then I put on these PJs and it was only when I was binning the sizes I don’t wear that I noticed they come with a Hud which means there are MORE colours/textures than these grey ones….just thought I’d mention it.


4 thoughts on “The cats whiskers.(Freebie).UPDATED!”

    1. How weird because after I did this post I did pop over and check to see if both the sweater and the shop the bed came from was still active and sorry the sweater is an old GG and it’s gone but on the other hand the shop the bed comes from, Naive Design, is still inworld and the MP and although the bed isn’t a freebie it only costs 30Lds. Comes with a small menu as well. Actually, the whole shop is full of bargain-priced stuff, rocking chairs, a garden swing and I know Faith bought the sun loungers and had them next to her pool for quite a while, it also had a menu in it. Here is the link for the MP shop
      and her inworld shop
      Although I have shoes to show I’m gonna try hard to find another free or bargain-priced sweater.

      PS there are also freebies in this shop but the small froo froo sort.


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