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Tee Hee!(Freebies).

Since I haven’t got much to do today I logged back in and as promised started to look through the notices from that new, to me, freebie group from my last post and yes looks like there is a lot of interesting stuff and that’s how I ended wearing a gas mask with a squid on my head.

The first place I visited is a shop called Violetility which didn’t ring a bell to me and neither did the shop but as I was wandering around I spotted a few items I had seen from some of the regular events in SL and possibly from blogs or notices but this is the first time I’ve been in this shop for sure and I would deffo have remembered it.

Although a lot of the furniture in this shop has a BDSM edge to it DO NOT let that put you off.  Of course, a lot of the furniture has a choice of Adult or PG but also a lot of really new designs that you won’t find elsewhere.  Very interesting stuff that will have people clicking on it to see where it’s from. There was a couple of pieces and a build that had me almost buying but I breathed deeply and TPed home to take these pictures.

This chair is a set of 4 in different shades and conditions ie worn, tatty.

This is one of the other chairs.  Thank goodness for pixelation otherwise I’d have my wrist slapped! Yes that is what you think it is and yes that does come with a menu just like the chair and the taco float I picked up.  I have to say that the poses in the furniture, and that thing, aren’t too bad.  I actually used one of the sitting poses in the chair f0r my picture.

When you go to the Violetility shop there is a big table with Birthday cake n stuff, ignore it and turn to your right and you will find a wall of silly stuff and the occasional bit of “That’s OK” and these Halloween shoes are deffo OK.  Only 2 fits, SLink and I believe Maitreya.

As I’ve said you really should go inside as there is something for everything, from furniture to eyes, kinky to sweet and if you don’t then you will miss out something that might make you go “ooooo” (just like the Pixelated picture) lol.


As I’m LM grabbing I’ve checked and the notice board next to the Birthday table says that in celebration of its 4th year there is a 50% sale which is refunded on purchases ARGH I’m so tempted now but I quickly logged out of SL and then maybe I will go back and just check out the items I’m interested in and see how much they are now I know they’re half priced. I also have a feeling that the VIP group is only going to be free for the duration of this sale but I could be wrong.