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New free group?(Freebie).

“TheGiftSpot” is so new to me that I know nothing about it but I do know that this is a damned good freebie.

I TPed to the LM given and ended up on a little platform and on the table is this Freebie for the “TheGiftSpot” group, the invite is just there.

TBH I was so desperate for some sun on even my AV skin I snagged, unpacked and hauled AV ass to my fav beach sim and snapped but when I get back inworld I will be checking this group out to see whats what but until then this is a great starter.

You get so many fits I’m not gonna list em and a Hud which is super good with the good basic shades we all need.  You can just about make out the ribbed texture as well.  Lots of side boobs as well which TBH what you can’t get away with in RL you know you can in SL.

PS I have just spotted that this is labelled “Dancewear” but also of course equally as good for beachwear.

PPS.OH, and it’s a keeper for me it’s that good.

TheGiftSpot(You TP to a small platform and it’s just on the table).