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I’m weak!(Super Bargains).

Seriously why do I do it?  Why do I go look at the builds on offer at Collabor88 because I just know I will walk away with yet another house I don’t need, will never use and will probably forget it’s in my invent but Damn those Scarlet Creative builds are just too tempting.

Anyhow this post isn’t about my weakness, although I have used the new house as a backdrop, it’s about some super GG’s from KraftWork.

A joining fee of 25Lds gets you this fridge and now I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture from the side as this shot makes it look rather flat but it’s not.  A bang on trend chalkboard fridge freezer.  Doesn’t open or anything like that but trust me this alone is a lovely GG on it’s own but there is more.

A rustic basic tap for garden/workshop etc and check out that subtle puddle of water.  Hmm I’m now wondering if this tap actually turns off and on now, I will rezz a copy and try because inside of the shop I spotted an excellent rustic sink set and that has on/off taps.  Even if this doesn’t turn out to be that has a stream of water you do get 3 versions, I think they’re called “young, middle-aged & elderly” something like that so basically you can choose the level of rust on it.

(The tap doesn’t turn off/on).

Last is this concrete picnic table.

Hard, oversized, industrial etc and yet I think nestled into a green landscape they look good and yes editable.  So you can break it down and dot some benches around, use the table on its own etc in fact that table is also a perfect kitchen/dining table if you’re into that industrial look in your home.  Comes with a few interesting poses but I’m nekked taking this picture so you ain’t seen any of them.

Only 25Lds gets you quite a lot in the end.

PS It’s the “Group Gift” sign you have to click on once you’ve joined the group.


Collabor88(If you dare)