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Finally For Moz.(Freebies).

At last I get to use this silly prop, I don’t know how long I’ve had it but now I’ve used it I can bin it lol.

As much fun as it is it’s not doing this amazing FREEBIE any justice so here I am back down to Earth.

Yeah ok, I went a bit crazy with the editing but it was fun.

I actually went to grab a gift car and ended up with loads of clothes so the car will have to wait. This and so many other freebies are to be found in the Egoism shop. There are plenty of tops and dresses and trousers.  You will also spot some small boxes on the shelf as well and they contain some nice decor items.  I only unpacked 2 of them so far and then I got sidetracked by this sexy mofo look.

This space suit is the “keeper” for me as it’s so sexy.  I only picked up this gold coloured one and the red/black one but once I’m inworld LM grabbing I’m going to get all the other colour choices as well.  It comes in standard fits but “curvacious” standard fits. The size I’m wearing is the equivalent of “S” and I think you can see I have killer curves. The larger sizes are super sexy and if you like the more natural shape and not the standard super SL skinny then you will love these.   BTW I love this suit so much I even took off my Mesh Bod and you know I’m glued to that thing but with the standard fit I couldn’t use my Alpha but for this outfit, you just wouldn’t need to wear your mesh body or even feet as it’s super sculpted in any case.

MOZ, this bit is for you, there are some decent men’s clothes in this shop for a change.  Pants, tops, coats and even underpants.  I didn’t try them on but they look damned fine and so I think you should go get em.


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