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Yea or Nay? (Freebies n Dollarbie).

I actually picked up the rudie sex doll from Muschi’s Marketplace shop first.  The doll, you get a blonde and a brunette version, only cost a Linden and it’s worth a that for a giggle alone.  I was tempted to sneak a copy under Faith’s bed or in her and PD’s closet but I’ve done that before and she’s wise to my sneakiness (that time it was a Dead Nun if I remember correctly).

Anyhow the Doll was just a bit of silliness but there was a couple of Freebie that I rather liked, a wearable bubble of gum, some fun handbags etc So when I came in-world I decided to pop into the in-world shop just to see what else was there and I spotted a few more freebies, as well as the MP ones, inc this outfit.

This dress comes in only standard mesh fits but I could fit it over my Mesh bod OK enough, however, the other dress only comes in 2 fits which would fit probably if I had bothered but I was feeling too lazy and so I will leave it up to you to give it a go.

The dresses aren’t to my taste but each style has something which might just appeal to you.  This dress has a bit of a nip slip going on and in some stands a “Hoo Ha” slip as well LOL.  The other dress is the one which is styled to give you the bigger more curvaceous boobs with nips detailings.

So go get and try them on as you do get a choice of colour/tex and they might just be what you’re after.

PS In-World freebies are on the posters hanging from the ceiling in the entrance, easy to find.

Muschi (Marketplace)

Muschi (In-World)