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A little bit of Decor.(MP Freebies).

Just a quickie for some basic goodies I picked up from the MP(Marketplace).

I slapped em down took a snap.  The table, stool, and book come from an MP shop called [H], yup simple name simple goodies.

The table is labelled as being a coffee table which is why I’m in this picture so you can see the sizing a bit better.  Actually to me it’s a perfect child’s table either for their room or classroom….or you can just use it as a coffee table.  The stool doesn’t have any AO in it and is mod so you can possibly add your own if you wish.  The book on top is another Freebie from this shop and there is also a big bold “Bazinga” sign and a cushion with a dragon fly as gifts.

[H] (Marketplace shop)

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I’m not doing too well(at this hunt!).

I’ve seen some of the prizes which are hidden in little grenades hidden in shops and the surrounding Thereafter Post Apocalyptic Sim but what I’ve not seen is any of the blinking little grenades which contain the gifts! So I’ve finally gave up and TP home for a sulk and a cool off as I think sometimes when you look so hard you end up not being able to see what you’re looking for.  I then realised I’d forgotten to check out the landing spot to see if there is any GG’s there so that’s something to remember for the next time I visit.

I’ve also TPed out to stop me getting all “spendy” again esp as there is some builds I would love and some tempting Gachas.

Because this is in its final 2 days I thought I’d do a quick post as I can’t think of a nicer way to spend some quiet weekend time.

PS I have played around with the piccie, the sim setting is in keeping with the post apocalyptic theme and is stunning and moody but doesn’t make for a great picture and also when hunting it’s best to change the sim setting to something a bit brighter.



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Im a lady I am (Free item)

Ohmaigerd – New Truth hair out yesterday “Lady” its amazinggggg ! Different fringe (bangs?) options, colour Hud for hairband & pony tie, the stylist Hud is crazzzzy cool with wisps etc etc…I got the blonde colour pack @ $300L. Free dress from Entice which is a sweet little thing. Mesh body sizes galore. ( Most vendors have a free gift this round of Gacha Garden as its their birthday – to claim join the free group) I also bought a new cherry jewellery set frm the Market place to go with it from Dabble Dooya, just $50L for the set – earrings,necklace and bangle. My cheesecake stack is on sale at the Gacha Garden, its by Junk Food, I won the one above and also the Ice cream stack – brilliant Hud with it to simulate you falling over ! Background is from Rama, also at the Gacha Garden with various wins in the machine.

Gacha Garden

Truth Store

Dabble Dooya

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Left on the shelf!(Freebie).

I’ve already shown you one of the Adris King group gifts, it’s a super frilly bralette and skirt(I kept the top and binned the skirt)  and I had planned on popping back at a later date to grab this other gifts and now the “later date” is now.

A super cozy and yet sexy little light knit romper.  Although this is in the Adris King shop you will have to join the Free Maitreya group to grab but you do get the 3 main mesh body sizes.  Once you’ve grabbed this then check out the other shops as they too seem to have freebies in them and there is a very pretty pink dress in the Pacagia shop and I think poses in another etc.  A nice simple little shopping platform for you to just check out.

Pacagia & Adris King & Kokoro, Playpose

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Worth every Ld.(Super Bargains).

I went over to Loordes of London just for these boots but damn it was hard which colour to chose from so, in the end, I went for this green one as I think it will make a great addition to an Autumnal wardrobe….yes in SL and RL I am actually looking at things with next season in mind.

OK I will blame it on the Hayfever and my constant sneezing when taking this picture but I’ve just spotted a “boo boo” in that the soles/base of these boots are much thicker than shown in this picture.  I forgot to “Hover” myself up a bit to compensate.  I’m not a big fan of the built up base but these are Loordes of London boots and they just make GREAT STUFF! They’re the Marks and Spensers of SL and that’s a good thing.

Since these cost money, 49Lds to be exact, I’ve shown them in my Nams setting and I’m pretty sure you will try the demo for yourself. You also get SLink, Hourglass, Belleza, Venus, Freya, Lara and Isis and even if you don’t wear mesh body you will still probably find a fit for your system shape and an Alpha in your invent.

The LM takes you to the walls with all the special offers ie “Steals and Deals” “Fifty Linden Thursday” etc and there are some new offers, these boots are on the end under the “See you Wednesday” banner and you can choose between 3 colours or for a few Lindens more, 55Ld, on the stall next to this one is some more colour choices.

Loordes of London

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Go for this.(Freebies).

Simple post because it’s been such a long day, I’m hot and bothered, my feet hurt and I want my DINNER! because I’m HANGRY! (chicken salad sammie made with good quality and delish bread).

I’ve actually already had a couple of this newer style of romper but I don’t think I’ve blogged any of them because they were ok but just that however, this lovely creamy/lacy one is deffo blog worthy.  OK, I have played with the background but I CAN DO THAT! (remember I’m “hangry” LOL) but if you do go get this from Ashmoot then I think you too will really like it.

Although you have to go to the Ashmoot shop you will have to join the “Fab Free” to snag and if you don’t want this one there are some other GG’s waiting for you for different but also free groups and I know I’ve shown you one of the dresses before.

PS.  All the sizes inc non-mesh bod ones.


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The randomness of SL.(inc Freebie).

As I was rummaging in my invent I came across a snorkel face mask which I have probably blogged before but I think it was so long ago I have no shame in reblogging.  So I popped over to Astralia and yes this is still a sub gift as well as a couple of others but I’ve forgotten what they are.  When you TP to Astralia you will have to jump down the rabbit hole….you will see what I mean when you get there.  Some excellent nails, accessories and be warned some very interesting Gacha’s.

So naturally, once I’d put on my snorkeling mask I had to complete the look with wind swept hair, bathing suit, flippers and a goldfish in a bag because this is SL after all and then I went hunting for a watery sim to take a picture and found “Prehistorica”.

You land in the shop and there are giant dinosaurs for you to look at and I do believe some to buy and I’m sure that there is a Dino AV freebie for those who want to stand out from the crowd next time they go shopping but it was all the portals into so many different sim and scenes that grabbed my attention.

This is the kelp forest and you can see the portal you pop through. When you get through it you do have the option to pick up a Dino friend who attaches to you and you can either swim with him or have him walking next to you like a Dino Doggie.

OK so I’m being random in details because I’ve barely scratched the surface of these sims and their interactiveness but I can’t wait to log back in and wander around this place and have a really good look at all the different areas.  You do get a note which you should read and that explains much more about what all of this is about and the basic rules to follow ie no nookie, bits hanging out, weapons etc because although these aren’t RP sims they ARE anything anyone wants them to be.

These sims remind me what SL is about! I know that people do use if for slapping virtual uglies together(nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want) but for many this is a place to just explore and enjoy and maybe even create.  My little AV heart missed a beat when I TPed in as it’s been a long time since I wasn’t in a shop or on my platform so I’m looking forward to my next visit.

PS I may even grab the Freebie Dinosaur AV


Prehistorica The Dawn Kingdoms (Dinosaur Avatars & Adventure)