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Go for this.(Freebies).

Simple post because it’s been such a long day, I’m hot and bothered, my feet hurt and I want my DINNER! because I’m HANGRY! (chicken salad sammie made with good quality and delish bread).

I’ve actually already had a couple of this newer style of romper but I don’t think I’ve blogged any of them because they were ok but just that however, this lovely creamy/lacy one is deffo blog worthy.  OK, I have played with the background but I CAN DO THAT! (remember I’m “hangry” LOL) but if you do go get this from Ashmoot then I think you too will really like it.

Although you have to go to the Ashmoot shop you will have to join the “Fab Free” to snag and if you don’t want this one there are some other GG’s waiting for you for different but also free groups and I know I’ve shown you one of the dresses before.

PS.  All the sizes inc non-mesh bod ones.