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Lazy A**ed Designers.(FREEBIES).

I wasn’t going to do the Vintage Gacha Fair even though I know it will, as usual, be packed with freebies but I was up late and bored to tears and once I’d fiddled with our Sim Windlight setting I decided to pop over and just see whats what.

Yes, that is a giant mushroom but if that’s not something you need then check out my cute little 2 pieces from the Belle Epoque stall.  OK, this is weird as there is only 1 box but this outfit is 2 separate gifts and on my first visit I had grabbed the shorts and when I spotted that the top is another gift I TPed back and there is still only the 1 gift box but this time it contained the top! So I’m not sure if you have to grab this gift twice or what.  TBH It was the middle of the night and by that stage, I had moosh for brains.

Because I have an over stuffed invent I was binning as fast as I unpacked but I quickly came to realise that there is some actually really good stuff up for grabs! The ladder set I’m leaning on is a prime example, only 6 prims it has clothes and brolly’s hanging off it and comes with some really good and fun poses! Using one in this picture. And I was also tempted by a few of the Gacha’s and even won a couple of rares! So check them out as well.

SO GO GO GO NOW as it was over yesterday but fortunately for us it’s still open for business and hopefully the designer/shop owners will want to have a lazy Sunday and won’t be packing up for another day.

PS Tip 1389 is that prim square on my floor.  When unpacking rezz a cube and flatten it to make a rezzing spot.  This way there is less chance of you rezzing something and losing it under the floorboards or it’s so small because you should have worn/added it.

The Vintage Gacha Fair