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My T*Ts my A**. (Freebie).

I was going to title this post “Bloody Nora” because “Nora” is the name of the dress and it’s “Bloody” good…BOOM BOOM!

A tiny little bit of me is thinking I’ve blogged this before but the rest of me is saying “nope, it’s new” so old or new who cares because it’s a rather good dress.  I think you can see from the way I’m standing it makes my av curvier and that’s because the dress comes with the built in extra Vavavoom so you don’t need to be wearing a Phat Azz or Lolas to have killer curves.

Comes from “Evenlineinthebox” and I’m not sure if it’s a free to join group gift or a gift for all but when you rezz inworld go through the door to your left and it’s just inside the door. Easy to find.

PS Mesh Bod and Standard fits.