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I forgot!(New Mina & Freebies).

I popped over to Mina’s to check out the details of my New Mina hair and here I am and I wonder who wears it better?(Meee of course LOL) .

Anyhow this hair is from the UBER event and lets be honest there is no way in heck are you going to be able to get into this event for WEEKS!  The place is packed but until you can at least you can try the demo on for this hair, Molly, and right next to it is another NEW hair in a really new and interesting style but that’s for a later post but of course, you can check that one out at the same time as you’re checking out the Uber one.

But as always walk around the Mina shop first.  The big blown out look of Molly is in a few of the other Mina hairs so to make sure to check the rest to find the best for you.  This isn’t a small shop but because it’s such a simple layout you’re not going to waste time wandering around and having to go up and down floors, but there is an upstairs just in case you’ve never noticed.   Of course, this new hair comes with the bigger colour pack and now the “material” and “non-material” option is now in the Hud and so you don’t have to change hairs if you want to help with lag reduction etc I have blabbed on about this feature before lol.

PS Yes this is the same free dress from my last post in yet another one of the shade options, I’m determind that everyone should go get this dress lol.

Then when I went outside to pull a few poses for this post on the lovely Mina’s sim but I ended up just snapping away.  Just going to show you one of them though.  The sim is open to all and there are some nice sitting and posing areas.  There are 2 houses up on the hills and I don’t know if Mina uses one but as always if in doubt don’t go in, it’s just rude lol.

I left my AV on the Mina sim when I logged off last night and this morning when I logged in I just started to work through my notes/notices and noticed a notice off Leginadaire a one quick TP scored me a rather good FREE for ALL dress.  I told you I get a lot of “notices” LOL.

I get so many things in my inbox it has to stand out from the rest for my tired eyes to spot it and this dress grabbed my attention from the start.

It’s the patterns, the dress itself is a simple design but the texture are very colourful and bold.  Out of the 4, I’ve actually chosen the 2 quieter ones. The dress comes in all standard mesh bod and standard mesh fits but as for the shoes! I forgot this dress includes shoes so I can’t tell you which feet they’re for.

To find this gift it’s just at the doorway of the Legendaire shop not inside.  I am in the paid for Legendaire group but I can’t remember how much that costs but I do know that GG’s are regularly put out and there is plenty of GG’s inside both on the ground floor and upstairs.

UPDATE because I logged in to LM grab and it turns out the Legendaire group is only 49Lds to join which is less that I paid so it’s a perfect time to pop in and check out all the GG’s and for that small amount you might find a whole load of new stuff.

PS It’s Ubers 3rd Birthday and we all know what that means…CAKE…OK not even sure if there is cake at this event but since most events that do celebrate their SL BD’s often do have FREEBIES I’m going to guess that there will be some.


Mina Main Shop


3 thoughts on “I forgot!(New Mina & Freebies).”

  1. Went to check out all the stalls @ Uber, but no cake I’m afraid 😦
    Thanks for the update about Legendaire. Awesome free goodies, but where is the upstairs?? The entire storebuilding is groundfloor as far as I could see…


    1. Damn! No cakie! Thanks for the update saves me from TPing over. If I remember correctly unless it’s changed since the first time I grabbed the Legendaire GG’s I too couldn’t find how to get upstairs and it was by “camming” that I found it. Again this might have changed but if you go back then stand where the GG’s are downstairs and cam up. They may have been removed by now or moved but I doubt it. PS will pop over myself to check out later when I log in but you may be in-world before me.


    2. Update on my Update LOL. There is a TP on the floor in front of the GG’s just inside the shop and you click on that and OMG it takes you to even more and a lot of new GG’s to me. I’m still in the Legendaire group and I might just grab the ones that look new but certainly, you get a lot of really quality stuff for such a small joining fee.


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