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I will change, just not yet.(Freebies).

RL has been ridiculously busy so I could only squeeze in a small amount of SLing time yesterday and found shelves of freebies.

OK scroll past this bit as I’m going to be chundering on about my non-free stuff.  Got myself a new D.U.S.T pose box woo hoo and a NEW MINA but I don’t really know much about this one as I said my time was so limited.  Since I already had my PumeC gray skin on and the free outfit I’m wearing has black in its colour Hud I decided to wear one of the gray Mina shades.  The one big thing about Mina’s hairs is that the gray palette actually looks gray and not unrezzed which is the case with some of the gray hairs from other shops I’ve tried on. As for the skin, it’s a brilliant example of why you should go for an unhuman colour because those shades can really make you stand out.  PumeC has a pallette of gray/black/white skins which are stunning and I still think that even though I think PumeC skins cost I think between 600-900Lds they’re worth every penny.  I haven’t had to buy a new one in years, although I already own so many!, mainly because they still look amazing.  I haven’t got the link handy but I will update this post later with the PumeC LM and remember in about 90% of my pictures I am wearing a PumeC skin.

The body suit and this dress are only 2 of the items on the Freebie shelf in the MMC shop.

Just so you can see more details I changed the colour of the dress and my photo cube of course.  Racking my brain now as I know the bodysuit is an Applier but can’t remember which but I’m 99% sure this dress came in so many mesh body fits that you won’t have any issues finding one.

These are on the shelves behind the reception desk in the MMC shop and if you don’t like these ones there are other items for you to check out and hopefully, I will get some decent SLing time as I bloddy well deserve it LOL.

PS I have this niggling little thought that the MMC Group actually costs a single Linden to join.