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I wish I hadn’t!(Freebie).

I finally caved in and updated my windows 10 and as always it means my computer is acting like a stroppy teenager! So when I went over to a shop I’ve scored some damned fine GG’s from in the past the fact that the shelves were almost completely bare didn’t surprise me.

Is it me or is it the shop I don’t know.

However, happily for me this was the one and only thing I found in the shop and it’s just as good as all the other GG’s I’ve had previously from this shop.

Free to join and you can see from the sign behind me you get a lot of sizes plus as seems to be standard with her designs you get a normal and a bright version.  Not a lot of difference, I’m wearing the normal version, the “bright” is simply had a bit more Pop in colour.

SLink Updated.

The one good update I have had is I finally popped over to the SLink shop and had not just my flat feet but also the updated SLink Mesh body redelivered and I’m glad that worked.  Because I’m constantly changing clothes, skins, make-up and on and on it gradually screws up my mesh bits but thankfully like a lot of sensible shops at SLink you can just click the redelivery board and it opens a link to the website and you simply click the item you want to be redelivered.  In this case, it turned out to be even better because although Siddean Munro updated her SLink Hud not too long ago it’s been updated yet again and damn now has even more, smaller finer Alpha Layers! so now I’m wandering how many of the outfits I binned which were other mesh body fits but not mine I could now make fit with this finer detailed hud!  But this is a good reminder for us all to keep an eye out for updates.

If you too don’t find anything in the !Soul shop I’ll put the link to her Marketplace one.


!Soul Marketplace