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GO GO GO GO GO!(Hunt/Freebies).

This is a 2 parter post and a collab cos Faith is actually going to tell you about the rentals on this sim and I am going to show you just 1 of the super hunt items set out.

Faboo, a shop that specialises in beach wear, has a really BIG hunt going on at the mo.  If I remember correctly 30 items for us girls and 10 for the boys and what you’re looking for is a little pile of sand with a chest on it.  Not only are these easy to spot you do actually get a list packed with the clues as to where to find them and it’s EASY PEASY so don’t let the idea of it being a “hunt” put you off.

They do have an ulterior motive in that they want you to walk around the whole sim to not only score some really nice items but to see ALL of the rentals but that’s the last thing I will say about them because I called Faith over to check this place out and she too was rocked by what she saw, so see her next post for more details about that.

Although I’m just showing you the 1 item out of the 4 I’ve found so far each one of them is a winner.  You get a mix of sizes and fits, some come with Huds and all seem to be wearable straight away so you don’t even need to unpack and unbelievably they’re actually TRANSFERABLE, obviously non-copy as well! How nice so that means if you find something that isn’t to your taste you can pass it on. Spread the joy I say lol.

I’m heading right back now to LM grab for you and then grab as many of the hunt items as I can for myself and what I won’t/can’t use I will pop into my “noob” folder to pass on as I’m pretty sure anyone old or new would be happy to receive these and I’m popping some into my keepers folder as well.

PS You do have to join the Free Faboo group and grab the list from the LM.


12 thoughts on “GO GO GO GO GO!(Hunt/Freebies).”

      1. You probably will do, you should have been sent one when you rented if not then I know there is a rental office and you should get the Group Invite from there.


      2. when I rented I didnt get sent a group tag automatically I had to ask for it. However I could still rez my furniture and it wasnt sent back – weird!


      3. Faith, me too! But I took up and re-rezzed everything with the tag on just to make sure. The other odd thing is that when I rented a house, it said 300 LI allowed, but then when I rezzed stuff out it said 200 LI allowed. I think they are still new at this…but it’s still fun.


      4. Oh I might do that too actually – in my small lighthouse Im finding it hard to use the prim budget up !
        I noticed some homes were priced at 300L per week when I first looked round – now they all seem to be 400 per week – Im doing a blog post on it next week, its a really lovely sim 🙂


      5. Feel free to check it’s just 2 or 3 houses away from the lighthouse along the beach. No orbs or ban lines or anything.


    1. I actually had to stop doing the hunt because each time I came across a house I liked I almost rented! I’m so glad you found a home. I think this is a new venture and they really seem to have put a lot of time, effort and expense into creating this sim and the rent is pretty damned reasonable!


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