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Epiphany FREE gifts!

Gosh I finally got into the new round of Epiphany phew! Grabbed all the things Id earmarked (Seraphim is so handy for that) and then noticed that there were quite a few Birthday gifts set out by the designers . Nabbed a few and set off home to see what treats Id been given *squeee*- best part of birthdays is pressies right?! Shoes from Gos, dress from Kathleens (various mesh bods),and a super-duper hair from Ayashi!

Ohhh and bracelets & watch in gold,silver and black from Nova plus a fabulous lip palette from Momochuu. What a lovely surprise, Im chuffed. Lots more to see,buy & grab and it seems to have calmed down a bit now.


2 thoughts on “Epiphany FREE gifts!”

  1. It’s a brilliant Epiphany and I got some Rares – yay! Will blog very soon 🙂


    1. I spent and spent and spent on this round ! Got some fantastic backdrops and hair – great round !


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