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A Decade…already?

Oh my mushy heart, I just had to record something today, it prolly wont mean much to anyone but me and my SL  but !

Ten years ago today Player and I had our Second Life wedding. Where did all that time go? People say SL is a “game”, that everyone is fake and hiding a secret. I have to disagree. Not just because of what today is but also because of my SL friend “Zan”. I actually met Zan before Player (feels weird saying their SL names when in my head I always call them their real names) I love their faces , their hearts and of course how they make me laugh until I think I might faint. So today its a happy Anniversary for a wedding and for friendship !

Nothing could be more “real” than both of their love and friendships – through ups and downs, highs and lows – they have both been there.

So many memories, laughs, tears and emotions – a Decade of them. ❤

Oh I HAD to slip this in ! Zan as our bridesmaid – purtyyyy lol

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  1. Aw shites she’s touching me in the “feels” here LOL. I blame Faith for my SL addiction, whilst I was just happy to stand in a sandbox and pretend to build things I made the mistake of renting my first home from her and she forced me to help her with new tenants, I still cringe at the memories of complaints of radios/TVs not working, adding people to the doors and OMG the FREESHAGGERS! Then she forged ahead with this blog and at first I didn’t really pay it much attention, still standing in a sandbox pretending to build things, and then I got “encouraged” to help and I’ve never looked back. IN RL we as normal humans have had our ups and downs but in SL we have kept an even keel, we know what each other likes and doesn’t like. We have the distance needed so we don’t fall out and the closeness needed so we don’t fall out. Heres to another 10 long happy and interesting SL and RL.

    Love Suzanne.

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