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Just a reminder.(Freebies).

I’ve just got back from the Gacha Guardians Event with only some of the 32 gifties and a few Gacha wins as there was plenty there to tempt me, and I have to say I was very happy with my wins but I’m only going to show you one of the gifts which is this bathing suit but more importantly this is a timely reminder to visit now that it’s calmed down.

Gonna be honest here and say that they have changed the layout of this event and I found myself walking around areas I’d already walked around and when I’d done that for about the 3rd time I decided to just stick with what I got and do a quick post.  For those of you with a bit more time and patience as I’ve said there are 32 gifties and of course all those tempting Gachas.

I decided when I logged in to go back and fly up to check the layout from above and it’s simpler than I had though.  You have your landing platform/circle and then just turn right or left and it’s 5 circles linked and you will end up back where you started from.

The Gacha Guardians