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Don’t PANIC.(Free AV’s).

If I admit that I also watch videos on youtube about SL will I come across as a complete addict?  LOL As it happens I usually have youtube playing in the background as I’m doing something else such as painting and I love watching videos by a lady called “Alicia Chenaux” who does a lot of things in SL such as  unboxing, visiting interesting sims and events etc but damn it’s her soft girlish giggly voice that has me hooked, but she brought something up in her latest video that I’d never thought of even looking at and it’s New Noob Avs’.

Us oldies will hardly remember the “Ruths” we once were when we first entered SL but of course, we do know that the “noob” form was updated since then and it’s been updated a few times but it turns out there are newer forms and here is just a couple of them.

Yup, that’s me in one of the full new Noob AV’s.  You get everything from eyes to bow and arrow and Bento Horsey!

Turns out I could remove the horse and have my AV on her own.  Each AV comes in both sexes so here is the male version.

I don’t know how many new and not so new AVs there are but a nice mix of styles of human and non-human forms.  Obviously as much improved as these new Noob AV’s are, check out the hands lol, they are still a bit more basic than what were used to but still a vast improvement and if you want to check out some RP areas in SL but don’t want to have to splash the cash to change your appearance to fit in I’m sure you will find a new AV to fit.

Now for the “Don’t PANIC” because when you click the menu to change into the AV you want to try out everything is loaded onto you and that means you completely change.  So you lose your eyes, brows, shape, skin etc and of course every add-on you had on so mesh hands, body, feet, hair BUT again don’t panic as it’s just been returned to its folder  in your invent just in the exact same way as if you took off one hair to wear another and the one you took off is now back in its folder ready for the next time you want to wear it.  For me, since I’m forever changing skin, hair etc it’s really only going to take me a couple of minutes to pull myself back together and it shouldn’t take you much longer.

So if you want to listen to a lovely voice and watch her living a pretty interesting life then check out Alicia Chenaux on youtube BUT if you want to listen to an equally as lovely voice with a clipped posh English accent but who is a wicked and witty troll then check out Lavender Storydel.  She is so wickedly funny.  I don’t like trolls on the whole as they’re usually just unfunny and are deliberately making people’s SL horrible, even though sometimes the person being trolled is just taking it way too seriously, but when they’re done in such a humorous way I love it.

I use Firestorm so the instructions are for that viewer but I should imagine that it will be just as easy to find out how to do it with the official SLviewer and I do believe the Firestorm one is laid out very similar to the SL one.

Top left-hand toolbar, click the tab “Avatar” scroll down to “Chose Avatar” and a window opens with a slider and you simply click the one you want to try on and let the magic start.



2 thoughts on “Don’t PANIC.(Free AV’s).”

  1. Wow thanks for the heads up about the new avis. They really have given us some improvements. Another little tip I picked up trying them all out is when you do its puts the whole folder in your inventory. Then you can ads any piece you want to your current avi. So I can use the fab bento wings and horse now with my current avi. Score!


    1. Oooh I was hoping that was the case but I’ve not had a chance to try it out so I’m glad someone else has done it for me. Can’t wait to relog so I can give the horse and the bow and arrow set a try. Glad you found it useful.


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