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The “boobie” is the prize.(Freebies).

I have a SLink Mesh Body but it may surprise you to know that if you join the “Maitreya, Gifts and News” group a lot of the links to freebies they send out also inc all the other mesh bod and sometimes even non-mesh bod fits.

That’s the case for this top and bottom set from the InVIDiA LiNe(sic) shop.  You get all the mesh sizes plus I’m sure I even saw one labeled as “Werewolf” fit, gonna have to check that one out.

But for me the delivery bag it comes in is the keeper.

Comes in the standard awkward bag pose but as always I rezzed it on the ground and 2 prims! Woo Hoo!  So you not only get a lovely outfit but this bag which you could wear, you will just have to keep on declining the outfit from being sent to you OR even better an excellent decor item.  Just rezz and pop on a shelf, table, floor etc

Actually, now that I’m LM grabbing I’ll just mention that there are other GG’s inc a very interesting looking raft with a bit fat cushion on it.  I’m not going to be getting any more of the GG’s, time to log off go to the loo, make lunch, put a wash on etc but it’s well worth a pop over to check them out for yourself.

PS I Was right and there is not only a fit for “Werewolf” but also “Fox” lol, sorry though Furries as I don’t believe they’re actually designed for you but I could be wrong.