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Quality.(New Mina & Freebie).

Mina Nakamura hair just keeps on getting better and better.  I still go to many other hair shops and I’m constantly trying on new hair and yes there is some amazing hair creators out there as well and yes I even, if rarely, buy hair that isn’t a Mina but as a lot of you already know to me Mina hairs “sing”.  I put them on and think “Oh Yeah” this is me this is how I would like to be able to style my hair in RL or how well the hair goes with a certain look I’m trying to create and in this case, it’s a cute prim n proper look.

As alway, I know I’m like a Parrot, you must try this hair on first to be able to see what I’m talking about but Marre comes with extra strands of hair that give a realistic depth and body to your “do”.  Yup, clear as mud but I’m sure once you’ve tried it on you will know what I mean.  This hair is only available at FaMESHed so you’re gonna have to wait because that damned place will be lag hell but as always you can try this and another NEW and pretty unique Mina hair at her main shop.

There is a lot more I can tell you about Mina hair inc the larger colour packs, unique colours and just as importantly the “material” and “non material” versions but I’ve blabbed enough so I’ll leave you with a small freebie from a BIG HUNT.  Check out the glasses I’m wearing.  I have to confess that often I don’t even bother to unpack the boxes that I know contain sunglasses or tattoos and most of the time jewellery, I simply don’t have the time to work my way through them and it can eat into my SL time if I spend too much putting on those extras such as jewelry etc but damn I’m glad I opened these ones from Pink Ranger shop You actually get a whole range of colours and each colour comes in a choice of gold or silver metals.  I love em and with these, you can create super cute or smarty pants look by simply changing the colour of the lenses.

If you haven’t noticed the WOH3 has started and sorry boys that stands for “Women Only Hunt” but Woo Hoo for us.  You’re looking for coconuts and for those of use like me who are useless with Hunts you can follow the LM to grab the inworld Hud which will TP you to any of the shops involved in this hunt and also gives you super easy hints.


Mina’s Main shop

WOH3 Hud