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Hot, Hot, Hot and that’s just the FREEBIES.

Yup, I’m gonna moan about the weather but you have to understand I’m English and it’s what we do.  It’s hot and sticky and even in the middle of the night it’s hotter and stickier BUT on the good side it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and we managed to raid the supermarket and loaded our freezer with ice cubes, ice cream, lollies and frozen fruits to keep me cool.

I’ve snagged a couple of freebies perfect for an SL summer.

A nice quality off the shoulder “tropical” dress from a shop I don’t really remember ever visiting before called Seniha.  Not an overly big shop so you won’t find it hard to spot a rack of tops which are very similar to the cross over style in SL but it’s strapless and thicker ties.  At 99Lds I was pretty tempted but I just grabbed the demo to try on later.

Then since I couldn’t get a good shot of the shoes I was wearing by just zooming down, I TPed home to use my studio.

I know I did a post about these shoes from D&G not long ago but in celebration of 10 years in SL, D&G have released these shoes again with the added bonus of a Hud.  In the top picture with my tropical dress I had all my green options on the Hud ticked but when I decided to TP back to my studio for the close up I decided to do a mix of colours.  Really handy chunky shoes which will go  with everything from jeans to a dress.

PS Super lazy and forgot the sizing for both dress and shoes but I’m pretty sure for both you get all mesh bod and feet sizes and possibly fitmesh/standard fit etc.


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