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I was right!(Freebie and NON Freebie).

Even though it’s a Sunday finally FaMESHed had calmed down enough for me to not only grab all of the freebies but damn it make me spend Lindens!

The “right” is that the gift on the Mina stand is hair, this hair to be exact.

I think it’s called “Eloise”, you only get this shade and as you can see it’s one of the “windswept” looks that Mina does so well so esp if you’re on a budget it’s a brill chance for you to get your hands on a hair that has motion to it and will add that little bit extra to any piccie you take.

The reason I’m wearing this dress, freebie, from my last post is not because I’ve been too lazy to take it off as it happens I put it back on because it goes so well with the hair and the free shoes I picked up from FaMESHed and I’ve already moved it into my keeper folder in my invent.

Freebies work sometimes because as I was unpacking and sorting out my new hoard I came across some decor items and I decided to TP over to the main shop to check it out and damn it cost me 325Lds!

But I couldn’t not buy this plant which is called a Gunnera. It is a member of the Rhubarb family except there is no way in H you would want to eat this thing, it’s more like a massive prehistoric rhubarb that maybe a Dino would like to chomp on LOL.  The leaves are massive and the stems of the plant have spikes on them and the “flower” is one of the most alien things you could want to see so why did I have to buy it? because I have one of these in my RL garden.  Even though it’s best suited for the sides of rivers and ponds I have neither but I do have a hose pipe long enough I can keep the soil around it well soaked and in fact over the years I’ve managed to separate 5 new plants from the original Mother plant which I’ve given away.

Go on Google “Gunnera” and I bet you too would like one of these in your garden as well.

Since I’ve logged out of SL I don’t have the LM for the shop where I bought the Gunnera from but I will pop it in later till then here is the LM for FaMESHed and again hopefully it should have quietened down and I don’t have to mention it again now I’ve got my Mina hair LOL,