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I’ve had my porridge.(Freebies).

I should have had my brekkies before I did my first post as when I got inworld to LM and detail check it had gone!  So I had to bin the whole post but I hopefully can make up for it with this super Gift.

I got this from the Cwitch shop, yes that’s how it’s spelled, and quite a few other items.  This colander gift gave me an OMG moment because in my very own RL greenhouse I have 3 colanders planted up with fragrant climbers and I’m hoping come the Summer time when it’s pishing down outside in our typical English Summer I can camp out in my greenhouse with some pretty and fragrant flowers.

There is quite a few gifts for a couple of different groups but all are free and some are set at 0Lds for people to buy without having to join a group.  There is also a hidden hunt item, 5Lds for that, and a New Hunt where you have to wear the sunglasses etc the details are there and when I get back inworld I’m going to check it out.

PS I didn’t get beyond the small shop and there doesn’t seem to be much in it but there maybe more outside and I did check the Cwtch MP shop and there is a lot more there inc some bargain clothes so you may want to check that out as well.


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  1. That’s another shop on my list to visit! I first saw this newish designer at the MadPea International Food Fair where she had made Welsh food. I thought she was interesting and different.


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