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You know she did. (Freebies).

It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK which means PJ Day for me and a TO DO list for him cos that new doorbell isn’t going to fix itself to the door lol.

Yes, I was pathetic enough for Faith to send me the Rare she won so I now have that and the unrare(sic) car I won parked outside of my house. They’re both so low primmed I can do that.

Now for the freebies, my RL maybe skanking it out in tatty PJs but my SL me is glamming it up in this super dress from the AnaMarkova shop.

The AnaMarkova is a paid for group and I am a fully paid up member because at 100Lds it’s a bargain.  I will admit though it’s been a long time since I’ve been over to snag any new GG’s that may have been set out but when I was grabbing this SL Frees and Offers (sic) gift set out for us I spotted a whole bookcase of the paid for groups gifts so if you have some spare Lindens you wouldn’t be wasting them if you did join the anaMarkova group.   If I get some more SL time today I will pop back change my group tag and grab them to see what’s what.

There are actually 2 Freebies for the SL Frees and Offers group this and a purple skirt/top set.  This outfit actually has 3 separate bits to it, a chain halter and a leather halter both of which come as separates which means you can also use them with other outfits as well.

PS The shoes from my last post go perfectly with this dress AND check out my Mina, this hair is called Chantel and she is one of the Gacha wins from her main shop and I’ve mentioned before how some of my Fav Mina hairs are actually Gacha wins andChantel is one of them, you can’t see from this angle but Chantel has a big loose bun.  So if you want a new hair with a big fat hair colour hud and it should be about the 100Lds you can beat trying one of the Gacha’s.

PPS Don’t worry even with the Gacha hair you can try the Demos first.


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