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Free as a bird

I really love complete outfits – because basically I’m really lazy and I never seem to have time to rummage and produce an outfit  . Thanks goodness for Luxe Paris and their off the peg, wear & go outfits! This is the Christina jacket with tank and pants set. Beautiful sage green and teal hues, perfect for Spring. The jacket has some nifty detailing on it, buckles and pockets etc. I found , with my Slink Physique body I needed to wear the xs size pants to get a perfect fit all round, specially wearing them with the jacket. You get a whole heap of sizes from standard to mesh body – so its easy peasy to get the right look. (This outfit is compatible with standard avatars, Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies)

Luxe Paris market place store

Luxe Paris mainstore

3 thoughts on “Free as a bird”

  1. It was a lot easier to style when I was modelling, you had clothing layers and sculpts that you could mix n match with ease. The mesh is that much harder to deal with because of the rigging. Often a pair of jeans will stick out of a shirt if not made by the same designer. Same thing happens with the placement of shoes and boots with jeans/trousers. Even with the same designer, sometimes!


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