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The Dream, The Reality, The 10Ld Giftie.

You know it’s not a good sign when as soon as you arrive at your longed-for beach break destination and the first thing you have to do is dive into a charity shop in the hopes they have a cheap brolly to keep the worst of the rain off you….and yes they did.

Fortunately, were made of hardy stuff and although there was no way in Hell I was going to squeeze my cossie on in the freezing weather we still had a fab time walking for hours up and down the beaches, eating too much, going crazy at the Crazy Golf, doing the Pirates Maze and yes getting tapped so  we had to follows some kids! and lots more of those simple things which give you good memories and that is priceless.

So I’m back I’ve managed to warm up my cold bones, drink enough of my coffee to perk me up and my first find is this simple slip dress.  This dress has one of the features I like esp in my simple cotton shirts in RL and that’s a dropped back.  The dress also comes with a really big 20 colour hud plus ALL the mesh body sizes inc all those newer ones.

This is a gift grom the Teleporthub Group and so it costs 10Lds to join this group but this is one I’ve been using more and more over the past few weeks as they seem to have some nice stuff out I think the reason a lot of people may miss these gifts is that the boards they’re on are quite small and aren’t as obvious as other gifts but once you know what you’re looking for it’s so easy.

I did notice when I did a quick TP in to grab this that the shop they’re in does also have an awful lot of GG’s out but I believe this one costs 100Lds to join but from the quick glance I gave there was some nice stuff.  Nothing that I with a bloated invent could use but check the whole lot out for yourself before you leave.


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