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Fresh Eggs for Sale.(Freebies “n” Non Free Hunt).

OK, Gonna grumble here because I cammed and scanned the small Petite Mort shop and only found ONE of the bloddy hidden eggs and I want at least 3 of the other ones.  This isn’t a free hunt but each egg, if you can find them, costs only a 10Lds and there is a picture board which shows you what each egg contains so you can pick and choose and I’ve chosen numbers 1,2 & 3 if I can find the blinking things!

You do have to join the Petite Mort group to be able to do this hunt, although I do believe that there is a special egg out for anyone to grab, but since for the moment it’s FREE to join the Petite Mort group this means that even if you fail with the egg hunt you can still snag all the Group Gifts in the back of the shop and the shorts and tee I’m wearing are an example of what’s on offer.

PS The 1 egg I found contained the Wedgies shoes and I’m really pleased with them PLUS check out my eggy basket.  Click the rabbit at the sign and you get sent this I don’t think you need to wear it to grab the eggs but it’s a lovely wearable and yes, of course, I rezzed it and ONLY 2 prims and a perfect little decor item.

Petite Mort