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What the Cluck!(Freebies).

I took a day off SL yesterday and it was all good, apart from deciding it would be a good idea to go window shopping wearing NEW SHOES! So I’m sat here with plasters all over my sore bits doing the Madpea “Mad Easter Egg Hunt”.  This isn’t a free hunt, it cost 100Lds to join but I’ve always loved doing the challenges set by the Madpea’s behind Madpea.  I’ll pop the link the their blog for you to check it out for yourself.

Yup I am huffing because I was struggling to find the egg I was after so I decided to take a break in my NEW FREE “KEEPERS”!  You will recognise the style of the top as I did a post for a 5Ld hunt one, obviously in a different shade and in fact there are 3 shades for you to hunt down so scroll back to a couple of posts and you will see the details of this Easter hunt but this top AND the pants are FREE from Blackrose.

Comes in ALL the mesh bod and I believe non mesh fits, so many and I’ve started to notice more and more new mesh body makers appearing in SL.  You even get 3 lengths of pants to suit the shoes/feet you’re wearing.

As I’ve said it’s a keeper for me, exc texture, fit, style but here is a handy tip which is something I wish I did from the begining, when I relabel the folder to make it easier to find I will also delete all those fits that I will never use so if you don’t do this now start and it’s amazing how much it can cut back the clutter in your invent just by doing this.

Blackrose (on the table to your left and there is another Freebie for another Freebie group).

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