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Purple, pink & blue.(Freebie).

Blimey the UK has been basking in almost summer weather even “Oop North” as the Southerners like to say lol.  So I’ve been pottering in the garden then doing this quick post before settling down to a crappy horror movie in the middle of a Sunday afternoon,  I even have the blinds drawn and a bag of popcorn.  So I hope you too are doing something just for yourself even if it’s hunting for good stuff in SL.

Check out this FREE floral headdress from the Bauhaus Movement shop.

Simply gorgeous and you get 3 shades, I’ll let you guess which ones those are.  Nice to see that there is a mans gift set out as well which is a pair of goggles, of course I grabbed them as well, just because they’re for men doesn’t mean we can’t wear em and if they’re the same quality as this headdress then another excellent gift from Bauhaus.

PS Crap movie of the Day is “Bound to Vengeance”.

Bauhaus Movement(You will find them on the entrance desk on the front).

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