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I LOVE Noctis, I’ve always wanted to have a Victorian/Steampunk home and I will one day and when I do it will be packed with furniture and decor items from Noctis.  As it happens it’s easy enough to pick up pictures and vases etc which will fit any style of house but if you want authentic look then Noctis is the place.

Anyhow, I’m sad to see that my fav shop is now gone but in the  2 LM’s is a gift of a set of Matryoshka or as I call them Babushka Dolls.  I’m only showing you the 1 set but in the other shop is I believe one doll but opened.

And of course they’re editable and so I did.

Mum and teenager are now not talking and lil b*stard is pushing her kid sister off the shelf!

Only 2 prims linked but unlinked probably 4 but not sure.Noctis.

PS there is also a hunt item here but I’ve not looked for it.


Noctis (open)