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So tempting.(Super looking Discounts).

My OH is off work today so I’m not SLing but I did pop in to do a quick notice/note check and among my notices is this…

“Hi all!
We have a Special Promo to you.
You can get a 95% Off in ALL items from [PR] until 20th March 2017.

HOW to GET this 95% Off:

1. First of all, you must join [PR] Group:

2. Visit [PR] Store in Marketplace:

3. Buy one or more items from Marketplace.

4. After purchasing a item, go to the item page and click in Reviews Tag:
(Under item picture)

5. Make a Review telling us what do you think about that Item.

6. Create a NC and paste your transaction/s history.
[ > Account > L$ Transaction History]
[ > My Account > Order History]

7. Send the notecard to 􀀐 named:
95% Off in exchange off a review – Your name

You will get a refund of 95L$ in each item you purchase and in wich one you make a review.
You must follow all the steps.

Hope you like it!!! ”

And here is the link to their MP shop so you can see the goodies and OHMAI I’m tempted to fill my cart.  You will obviously need the lindens up front to pay for them and I’ll be honest you will have to also keep your fingers crossed they keep their end of the bargain and give you the refund but I see no reason why they won’t and I know I will be picking a few things up myself later when I have more time.

Sakusuki Solo is the name you have to send the details to, to get your refund as the cut and paste has removed the name and Puke Rainbows is a Free to join Group.

Have a brill day and I’ll see ya all later.

Puke Rainbows

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