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Free delivery truck!

Ok you HAVE to get this truck! I mean, it’s not like I needed a truck, or really even wanted one – BUT – then I saw this at Dench Designs and suddenly – I did want a truck, I did neeeed a truck – infact I HAD to have this very truck! It’s totally delightful, vintage, shabby and cute. At just 5Li it wont snaffle up your prim budget , there is a doggy peering out of one window and an aged man driving – it even has the sound of the engine puttering. This is situated outside the front entrance to the store, no group to join just take – thanks Amanda ❤ (this item is free)

Dench Designs

3 thoughts on “Free delivery truck!”

    1. Its outside the front entrance, no need to join the group as its set for all to enjoy – although you might wanna join the group anyway – its free 🙂


  1. Ramona, Faith hasn’t approved your comment yet so I thought I’d let you know that NO you don’t have to join the group I know because I TPed over just last night to grab it but Faiths put in the description where to find it as it’s not in the shop.


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