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Meander with me.(Freebie).UPDATE>

I’ve done the job that needed to be done so now I’m just going to meander in SL.  I’m going to sim hop, check out old LMs and just waste a day away.  If I find any goodies on my wandering I will do a quickie and here is a quickie.

This is a clock made up of numbers from car number plates.  It looks a bit flat in my picture but it’s on a nice thick disc.  Comes from Q-Essentials and there is also an “enMESHed into Spring” hunt prize to find.  Hint given and easy to find.


I’ve decided that instead of doing new posts I would just tack on “updates”.

So I jumped off the platform that Q-Essentials is on, crashed into a few sky homes and then map hopped for a while.  I did come across some interesting and very random stuff usually on abandoned land but nothing with the ooo factor and then I spotted this in a shop.

This isn’t the one in the shop because I recognised it as it’s a Group Gift from DRD(Death Row Designs) that I already had but I didn’t show you this as I was too excited over the electrifying Electric Chair they have out as a Group Gift.  Anyhow, this unicorn skull is another one of the GG’s and it comes with a separate lamp and you can just about make it out but also a can of Unicorn Tears for you to drink.

This I do believe is a new DRD gift.

DRD is the only place that you have a mix of the dark and disturbed with the cottagey and comforting!  So if the unicorn skull or electric chair ain’t your thing this 1 prim cottage shelf might just be it.

When I go back to LM grab I will check that the Chair is still a GG and I’m sure there might be 1 more gift. And yes the Electric Chair is still out for us and the 4th GG is Apocalyptic radio kit.

PS Make sure to check outside as the DRD Sim is stunning and some amazing purchases to be found here.  So far I’ve resisted but I’m looking at this lounger with an itch to buy.

DRD(Death Row Design)

Blindfolded is the only way I’m going to escape the HPMD sim without spending Lindens.

What brought me here was a stunning little plant in a pot and yes I had my fingers and toes crossed that there was going to be a similar gift here for us but sadly for me nope.  What there is as Free to join Group Gifts is a snowflake rezzer and wearable scribbled Butterfly wings and antenna which I am wearing but obviously you can’t see.

Just before I TPed out of the shop I did a bit of a cam around and spotted that you can buy butterflies to dance around in your garden and their wings are the same childish crayon scribbles as this wearable pair.  Cute but not me but might be just the thing for you.


Time to quit, I was just about to TP to a shop I haven’t visited for yonks but fortunately I  decided to check the map because it’s gone from a pretty nice shop to a “Rent aWh*re, Escort & Domme Talent Agency”.  Oddly enough it seems pretty busy there!  So lunch is calling my name.  Have a lovely day and I will see ya’s tomorrow.