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A Very Bad Case of Resting B*tch Face!(But Ooodles of FREEBIES).

I’ve edited the picture to see if I can help smack that B* Face off me but I think a paper bag would have been a better choice LOL.

I used this pose because I wanted to show off the crown which comes with this outfit lol.  Anyhow, I know that I’ve done a post about Legendaire but the Legendaire group is still FREE to join but since this might be over today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow etc it will be over soon so don’t delay.

What you will find there is not just 1 board of GG’s but sit on the TP in front of the board and it takes you upstairs to yet another big board of GG’s.

You will also notice big fat heart shaped gift boxes scattered around the shop and these are super bargains ie 10-20Lds. I can’t remember if I bought any of them on my last visit but if they’re the same quality as the GG’s then they’re well worth those few Lindens.

If for some reason you don’t want to join the Legendaire group at the entrance is a FREE for ALL gift and it’s the deep pink shoes in this picture.

The outfit I’m wearing comes with the shoes, dress with a hud, necklace and of course the Tiara because after all we’re all friggen Princesses.

Lots and lots of really good gifts here esps for me the shoe and there is more designs than the ones shown.

So a quick post as I’m so busy but I didn’t want anyone to miss the change to grab all of this before the group goes back to being non free.

PS Going from memory oodles of sizes in both clothes and shoes so you should find a fit for you.