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Nope, if I hop on one more pose I think my AV will break down so I’ve scrapped the idea of getting some new poses for a little while.

Faith has already done a post about a Neve dress which is a Freebie you can pick up from The Liason Collaborative Event and she also showed a couple off a couple of other freebies/cheapies she has found so I will post the link to her post.  As it happens  I was over at a pose shop which is right next to the event and so I decided once I’d had it with the poses to pop over and check it out….which means I went to grab all the gifts.

And I’m not going to show you what else I picked up but I got a clock, and a very cute Easter Egg with flowers in it and this dress and boots.

The dress is obviously one of those skin tight ones which fit as snug as a bug in a rug….God help me all those poses has fried my brain! The boots are another prize and come in all mesh bod fits, but with these boots, you don’t need mesh feet to wear them.

So I just thought I would squeeze another quick post in just in case you’ve not been to the Liason Collective yet.

PS There is actually a really nice freebie pose of you standing with an owl on your arm and for some reason the owl is wearing glasses lol.

Faith’s post with The Laison Collective and other Freebies/Cheapies

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